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Carey Handley
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I'm Carey Handley and, as I like to say, "I CAREfullY HANDLE Your Business Identity" because my name is in that phrase! I'm a Graphic Designer and Print Reseller and have been in business since 2000.

A Graphic Designer is a story-teller. Professionalism in print is crucial - your business contacts are impressed by your collateral material if it is professionally designed and printed and reflects who you and your company are. Ordering online with cookie-cutter templates by a company who has never met you will not tell YOUR story.

I make a point to meet with clients and get to know them before setting out to design something. This assures my clients that they are getting individualized attention to their Graphic Design needs.

When it's time to print, I work with many local and national wholesale suppliers so clients get excellent pricing and the largest variety of paper stocks, coatings and processes. My own business cards are double-thick 32 point Suede stock with my custom-designed Avatar in Raised Spot UV coating and hot pink edges to match my logo colors.